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The Moriches Satellite Branch is now open at 201 Montauk Hwy in Moriches. See pictures of our Grand Opening here

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Embracing Winter and Celebrating Spring

Embracing Winter and Celebrating Spring

As the world turns, and the seasons change, cultures and communities around the world often embrace their geography and make the most of each season. We can learn lessons from other countries about how to find joy, hope, and celebration every day of the year. As said in American slang, 24/7/365!    Finland embraces winter. In […]

Celebrating Diversity

The Literacy Department loves our diverse mix of students and staff! We serve patrons from all over the world. The students are dedicated and work hard to achieve their goals- to learn English, improve their life, provide for their family, be a good neighbor, and thrive in their new community. Although their languages may differ, […]