The Community Library Friends of the Arts, Inc. is a not for profit organization founded in 1991. The mission of the Friends of the Arts is to make high quality arts performances accessible and affordable to area residents. We do this through fundraising, memberships, and grants. The Friends of the Arts continues to partner with area organizations to fund music and art performances that enhance community events. All donations to the Community Library Friends of the Arts are tax-deductible.

Recently, the Friends of the Arts has sponsored:

· Two scholarships annually for local high school students interested in pursuing music or art as a career

· Ocean Arts, Inc. children’s summer theater camps for children, sponsorship of musical performance rights

· Ocean Arts, Inc. middle school theater productions, sponsorship of musical performance rights

· The William Floyd Community Summit Cultural Arts Committee’s musical performances at the High School (Seussical, Bye Bye Birdie, Grease, the Little Mermaid, Adam’s Family), sponsorship has included theater rights, scenery costs and staffing costs

· Live music performances at Tri Hamlet Day community celebrations

· Korg music equipment for the Community Library’s Teen department

· Music and Memory music for this special iPod lending program at the Library

· Chamber of Commerce Christmas Parade marching bands

· Chamber of Commerce Halloween and Easter children’s events, sponsored children’s entertainment

· A family summer concert through the Moriches Chamber of Commerce

· Antiques Appraisal at the Mastic Beach Village Art Show (2014-2016)