The Meeting Rooms of the Community Library are available for nonprofit educational, recreational, cultural and civic purposes on an equitable basis, without regards to the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.

Use of Library Meeting Rooms by Community groups, organizations or individuals in no way implies endorsement of their policies or activities by the Library or anyone connected with the Library.

The Library may prohibit meeting room use during infectious disease outbreaks/public health emergencies that warrant limiting the number of patrons that are in the building at one time, or when social distancing measures are placed in effect by local, town, county or state directive or emergency order.

Applicants requesting the use of the Meeting Rooms agree to the following conditions and procedures:

  1. A completed application form must be submitted to the circulation desk supervisor, no earlier than six months prior to the event. The application must be signed by an authorized representative of the group who is a district resident and 18 years of age or older, who has a current MMSCL Library card in good standing, and who will attend the meeting.
  2. All applications will be submitted to the Library Director for final approval.
  3. Meeting Room space is only available during regular Library hours.
  4. All meetings are to be open to the public.
  5. No admission fees are to be charged. Donations may not be solicited nor may any items be sold.
  6. Regular Library service takes precedence over all other activities. The use of Meeting Room space cannot interfere with the operation of the Library. People attending meetings held in the Library will park on the street or in the shopping center parking lots, rather than in the spaces provided for regular Library patrons.
  7. The Applicant is to guarantee that the Meeting Room will be used only for the specific activity stated on the application.
  8. The Applicant assumes responsibility for maintaining public order and safety in the Meeting Room, and for ensuring that all in attendance observe the Library’s rules of conduct.
  9. The Applicant is responsible for any loss or damages that results from use of the Meeting Room by his/her organization.
  10. Groups composed of minors must be supervised by an adult that is present at all times.
  11. The Applicant is to hold harmless and indemnify the Library and its Board of Trustees and staff from any liability, claim or lawsuit arising from the use of the Meeting Room.
  12. The Applicant will notify the Library immediately in the event of cancellation or postponement. In the event of inclement weather, the Applicant bears the responsibility of contacting the Library to determine if the Library is open.
  13. The Applicant’s name and telephone number will be released to any person requesting information concerning an organization’s activities or programs.

Meeting room application form | Study and Tutoring Room Form

Completed forms are to be submitted to the Circulation Department in person, faxed to 631-281-4442 or emailed to [email protected].  Questions regarding meeting room availability and application status should be directed to the Circulation Department at 631-399-1511 ext. 282.