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Frank’s Bakery

Alissa Visco of Frank & Son Bakery delivered the goods on Monday night, March 11th – breads and delectable pastries from the iconic sweet spot were displayed on two tables, while an excellent historical timeline filled in our local-business-history knowledge gap.  Although he could not attend, original owner Frank Visco’s hilarious stories were beautifully relayed […]

Upcoming Program: Solar Eclipses, Past a...

Solar Eclipses, Past and Present.   Thursday, March 28, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  At the Moriches Branch.  Speaker:  William Francis Taylor, Senior Educator, Hamptons Observatory.  Tribesmen shooting guns at the darkening sun …   People shrieking in horror during totality!  Solar eclipses have terrified and mesmerized us for millennia.  In the 19th century, thanks to newspaper […]