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National Historic Marker Day

Celebrating National Historic Marker Day, Friday April 26th. Local History Librarian Brad C. Shupe and the Mastic Peninsula Historical Society are proud to remember our history by having several of these wonderful signs installed throughout our community. National Historic Marker Day brings people and communities together to maintain their markers by cleaning them and providing […]

Buried Long Island: History Set in Stone...

Alyssa Gutierrez’s lifelong interest in anthropology and archaeology sought expression in her curiosity about gravestones on Long Island.  Why were the pre-Revolutionary headstones of Suffolk and Nassau counties made in New England?  Who were the stone carvers?  In 2020 the author began dragging friends and family to one burial ground after another!  Interestingly, Alyssa has […]

Travels during Winter’s Snowy Past

For your enjoyment, continue on to read about the history of Long Island’s Winters. It’s hard to imagine that just over a century ago, when our region of Long Island was referred to as “the sticks”, snow meant getting out on a horse drawn sleigh carriage or using an Ice Scooter to cross over ice […]