Solar Eclipses, Past and Present.  

Thursday, March 28, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm.  At the Moriches Branch. 

Speaker:  William Francis Taylor, Senior Educator, Hamptons Observatory. 

Speaker, William Francis Taylor.

Tribesmen shooting guns at the darkening sun …   People shrieking in horror during totality!  Solar eclipses have terrified and mesmerized us for millennia. 

In the 19th century, thanks to newspaper stories about scientific expeditions to exotic locations, solar eclipse anticipation was heightened to a fever pitch.   New science about the sun’s corona – along with images presented through photographs and colored lithography – fueled the public’s imagination.  In fact, an 1878 solar eclipse in Colorado triggered a tourism frenzy.  Picnickers climbed Pike’s Peak for premium viewing. After the sun and moon completed their heavenly dance, applause exploded from the mountainside.

On March 28th, William Francis Taylor, a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador since 2014, will regale us with then-and-now tales of totality.  He says, “Whether you’re a seasoned sky-watcher or new to astronomy, this talk will equip you with actionable knowledge for a memorable eclipse-viewing experience.” William will arrive in Moriches with two large telescopes.  He is a wonderful guide to the evening sky – don’t miss this special treat (weather permitting)! 

Another treat:  Solar Eclipse cookies from a certain bakery.

Bonus round:  Each participant will receive one pair of solar eclipse glasses.  

Come join us! 

Image from Harper’s Weekly, 1878. Source.