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Sing, Dance and Read
Jul 9 2013 2:00PM - Jul 9 2013 3:00PM
Jul 16 2013 2:00PM - Jul 16 2013 3:00PM
Jul 23 2013 2:00PM - Jul 23 2013 3:00PM
Jul 30 2013 2:00PM - Jul 30 2013 3:00PM
Program No: 11062


entering grades 5-7

Learn a cool dance, be in a video – all while showing your love of reading.

Learn a dance to the library’s version of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”...but
the song will be “Read it”!!! It will be fun!


Registration necessary.

Because we want to make sure as many children as possible get to attend our programs, spots are guaranteed for those who are registered only if they check in when the program is scheduled to begin. The waiting list that you may sign up for is used to fill cancellations before the program. Once the program begins, openings are filled on a first-come basis, not off of the waiting list.

Seats Available: 14

User ID:

You will need a valid library card for each person you are registering.

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