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Friends of the Arts Concert - Homegrown String Band
Oct 21 2012 2:00PM - Oct 21 2012 4:00PM
Program No: 10098


The Homegrown String Band is a “100% Natural Organically Grown” band homegrown by Georgianne and Rick Jackofsky and their two daughters, Erica and Annalee. This “family that plays together” has been performing around the country from the National Theatre in Washington, DC to the Festival of American Music and Crafts in Missouri since 1997. Inspired by the rural string bands of the early 20th century, this 21st century incarnation of the traditional family band utilizes unique instrumentation including guitar, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer, mandolin, banjo-ukulele, harmonica, jawharp, doumbek, and percussive dance to put their own stamp on a repertoire drawn from the classics of rural American music. The tradition of American roots music is a tradition of change and the Homegrown String Band is carrying on that American tradition by using the tools at hand and borrowing from various musical genres to create something new and unique. Their original music has been lauded as “heartfelt, original, insightful, and impressive” by major music publications Sing Out!, and Dirty Linen, as well as Grammy nominated author Bill Dahl. Homegrown String Band stage shows have been voted audience favorite at festivals around the country. Tickets $1 students/seniors and $2 adults. Purchase at the Information Desk.

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