Anderson, Laurie Halse    Chains    TEEN FIC ANDERSON

Set in New York City at the beginning of the American Revolution, this book addresses the price of freedom, both for a nation and for individuals. Isabel was sold with her sister to a cruel Loyalist family even though the girls were to be set free upon the death of their former owner. She has hopes of finding a way to freedom and becomes a spy for the rebels, but soon realizes that it is difficult to trust anyone. Grade 7 and up.

Bowman, Erin    Vengeance Road    TEEN FIC BOWMAN

When her father is killed by the notorious Rose Riders for a mysterious journal that reveals the secret location of a gold mine, eighteen-year-old Kate Thompson disguises herself as a boy and takes to the gritty plains looking for answers–and justice. Grades 8 and up.

Boyne, John    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas    TEEN FIC BOYNE

Bored and lonely after his family moves from Berlin to a place called “Out-With” in 1942, Bruno, the son of a Nazi officer, befriends a boy in striped pajamas who lives behind a wire fence. Grades 8 and up.

Bradbury, Jennifer    A Moment Comes    TEEN FIC BRADBURY

As the partition of India nears in 1947 bringing violence even to Jalandhar, Tariq, a Muslim, finds himself caught between his forbidden interest in Anupreet, a Sikh girl, and Margaret, a British girl whose affection for him might help with his dream of studying at Oxford. Grade 8 and up.

Bradley, John    Call Me By My Name    TEEN FIC BRADLEY

Growing up in Louisiana in the late 1960s, where segregation and prejudice still thrive, two high school football players, one white, one black, become friends, but some changes are too difficult to accept. Grades 6-up.

Cameron, Sharon    The Dark Unwinding    TEEN FIC CAMERON

In 1852, Katharine is sent to her family’s estate to prove that her uncle is insane, she finds he is an inventor whose work creating ingenious clockwork figures supports hundreds of families, but strange occurences soon have her doubting her own sanity. Grades 7 and up.

Eagland, Jane    Wildthorn    TEEN FIC EAGLAND

Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove is locked away in the Wildthorn Hall mental institution, where she is stripped of her identity and left to wonder who has tried to destroy her life, and a budding romance may be the key to her escape. Grades 9 and up.

Gaughen, A. C.    Scarlet    TEEN FIC GAUGHEN

Will Scarlet shadows Robin Hood, with an unerring eye for finding treasures to steal and throwing daggers with deadly accuracy, but when Gisbourne, a ruthless bounty hunter, is hired by the sheriff to capture Robin and his band of thieves, Robin must become Will’s protector risking his own life in the process. Grades 9 and up.

Godbersen, Anna    The Luxe    TEEN FIC GODBERSE

In Manhattan in 1899, five teens of different social classes lead dangerously scandalous lives, despite the strict rules of society and the best-laid plans of parents and others. Grades 8 and up.

Gratz, Alan    Prisoner B-3087    TEEN FIC GRATZ

Based on the life of Jack Gruener, this book relates his story of survival from the Nazi occupation of Krakow, when he was eleven, through a succession of concentration camps, to the final liberation of Dachau.

Griffin, Molly Beth    Silhouette of a Sparrow    TEEN FIC GRIFFIN

During the summer of 1926 sixteen-year-old Garnet, who dreams of indulging her passion for ornithology, is resigned to marrying a nice boy and settling into middle-class homemaking until she takes a liberating job in a hat shop and begins an intense, secret relationship with a daring and beautiful flapper. Grade 7 and up.

Hesse, Monica    Girl in the Blue Coat    TEEN FIC HESSE

In 1943 Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, teenage Hanneke–a ‘finder’ of black market goods–is tasked with finding a Jewish girl a customer had been hiding, who has seemingly vanished into thin air, and is pulled into a web of resistance activities and secrets as she attempts to solve the mystery and save the missing girl. Grades 9 and up.

Larkin, Jillian    Vixen    TEEN FIC LARKIN

It’s the Jazz Age, and 17-year-old Gloria Carmody wants to live it up. But that’s not easy, as she is already engaged to the stuffy Sebastian Grey. Her inner flapper wins out, though, and Gloria is soon hanging out at a boozy Chicago club, attracted to the piano player, Jerome, who just happens to be black. Grade 9 and up.

Longshore, Katherine    Manor of Secrets    TEEN FIC LONGSHOR

Beautiful, wealthy, and sheltered Lady Charlotte Edmonds, sixteen, and hardworking, clever kitchen maid Janie Seward are both ready for change, and as their paths overlap in The Manor, rules are broken and secrets revealed that will alter the course of their lives forever. Grades 7 and up.

Mackall, Dandi Daley    The Secrets of Tree Taylor    TEEN FIC MACKALL

In small-town Missouri in tumultuous 1963, Tree Taylor, thirteen, wants to write an important story to secure a spot on the high school newspaper staff, but when a neighbor is shot, she investigates and learns that some secrets should be kept. Grades 6 and up.

Medina, Meg    Burn Baby Burn    TEEN FIC MEDINA

During the summer of 1977 when New York City is besieged by arson, a massive blackout, and a serial killer named Son of Sam, Nora must also face her family’s financial woes, her father’s absence, and her brother’s growing violence. Grades 9 and up.

Myers, Walter Dean    Riot    TEEN FIC MYERS

In 1863, fifteen-year-old Claire, the daughter of an Irish mother and a black father, faces ugly truths and great danger when Irish immigrants, enraged by the Civil War and a federal draft, lash out against blacks and wealthy “swells” of New York City. Grade 7 and up.

Osborne, Mary    Alchemy’s Daughter    TEEN FIC OSBORNE

In medieval San Gimignano, seventeen-year-old Santina apprentices to Trotula, the village midwife. Some say she is the victim of the midwife’s spell, but Santina is determined to follow in Trotula’s footsteps even as calamities strike. Grades 9 and up.

Palmiotti, Jimmy    All-star western. Vol. 2, the war of lords and owls    TEEN GRAPHIC ALL

Jonah Hex tracks the kidnapper Thurston Moody to New Orleans in pursuit of his bounty, he soon finds himself infiltrating the ranks of the anarchist group August 7, a group dedicated to eliminating the immigrant population of New Orleans. Grade 7 and up.

Paul, Fiona    Venom    TEEN FIC PAUL

In Renaissance Venice, orphaned Cassandra Caravello is one of the elite but feels trapped in the city of water until she stumbles upon a murdered woman and is drawn into a dangerous world of courtesans, grave robbers, and secret societies, guided by Falco, a mysterious and alluring artist. Grades 9 and up.

Sepetys, Ruta    Between Shades of Gray    TEEN FIC SEPETYS

In 1941, Lina, her mother, and brother are pulled from their Lithuanian home by Soviet guards and sent to Siberia, where her father is sentenced to death in a prison camp while she fights for her life, vowing to honor her family and the thousands like her by burying her story in a jar on Lithuanian soil. Grades 7 and up.

Sepetys, Ruta    Out of the Easy    TEEN FIC SEPETYS

Josie daughter of a French Quarter prostitute, is striving to escape 1950 New Orleans and enroll at prestigious Smith College when she becomes entangled in a murder investigation. Grades 8 and up.

Sepetys, Ruta    Salt to the Sea    TEEN FIC SEPETYS

As World War II draws to a close, refugees try to escape the war’s final dangers, only to find themselves aboard a ship with a target on its hull. Grades 8 and up.

Simons, Jake Wallis    The English German Girl    TEEN FIC Simons

In 1930s Berlin, choked by the tightening of Hitler’s fist, the Klein family is gradually losing everything that is precious to them. Their fifteen-year-old daughter, Rosa, slips out of Germany on a Kindertransport train to begin a new life in England. Charged with the task of securing a safe passage for her family, she vows that she will not rest until they are safe. But as war breaks out and she loses contact with her parents, Rosa finds herself wondering if there are some vows that can’t be kept.

Tash, Sarvenaz    Three Day Summer    TEEN FIC TASH

During the three days of the music festival known as Woodstock, Michael Michaelson of Somerville, Massachusetts, and Cora Fletcher, a volunteer in the medical tent who lives nearby, share incredible experiences, the greatest of which is meeting each other. Grades 9 and up.

Timberlake, Amy    One Came Home    TEEN FIC Timberlake

In 1871 Wisconsin, thirteen-year-old Georgia sets out to find her sister Agatha, presumed dead when remains are found wearing the dress she was last seen in, and before the end of the year gains fame as a sharpshooter and foiler of counterfeiters.

Wein, Elizabeth    Code name Verity    TEEN FIC WEIN

In 1943, a British fighter plane crashes in Nazi-occupied France and the survivor tells a tale of friendship, war, espionage, and great courage as she relates what she must do to survive while keeping secret all that she can. Grade 9 and up.

Zusak, Markus    The Book Thief    TEEN FIC ZUSAK

Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War II, Death relates the story of Liesel, a young German girl whose book-stealing and story-telling talents help sustain her family and the Jewish man they are hiding, as well as their neighbors. Grade 9 and up.