Mini-Camp: Crime Lab
Jul 8 2014 3:00PM - Jul 8 2014 5:00PM
Jul 15 2014 3:00PM - Jul 15 2014 5:00PM
Jul 22 2014 3:00PM - Jul 22 2014 5:00PM
Jul 29 2014 3:00PM - Jul 29 2014 5:00PM
Program No: 12526


Open to teens entering 7th-12th grade. Learn How professional detectives dust for prints, type blood, do hair and fiber analysis, and interrogate suspects. Run by a NYS-certified Science teacher, this program will be at the Community Library. NOTE: Mini-Camps are different than regular library programs: they will take place over 4-7 weeks, and you must commit to attending all sessions of your selected mini-camp(s). Participants will be required to fill out a registration form (link below). minicamps

You will need a valid library card for each person you are registering.

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