Healing Breath & Movement Yoga for Seniors
Feb 7 2014 9:30AM - Feb 7 2014 10:30AM
Feb 14 2014 9:30AM - Feb 14 2014 10:30AM
Feb 21 2014 9:30AM - Feb 21 2014 10:30AM
Feb 28 2014 9:30AM - Feb 28 2014 10:30AM
Program No: 11923



Megan Frisina, a registered yoga teacher, offers this specially designed yoga practice for seniors who may be experiencing mobility or range of motion issues. The practice will combine healing breath and movement, and all poses will be done while sitting in a chair. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat to be placed under your chair.

To insure that as many adults as possible are able to attend our programs, spots are guaranteed for those who are registered and arrive promptly. A waiting list is used to fill cancellations before a program begins or for no-shows the day of a program. This does not apply to fee based programs.

You will need a valid library card for each person you are registering.

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