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Agency The Sui Mu Kwan Tang Soo Do Institute Inc.
Address: 250 Nebighorhood Road  
Mastic Beach , NY 11951 
Mailing Address: 147 East parkview Drive  
Shirley , NY 11967 
Contact Person: Kyosah Wickline  
Phone: 631-747-7600  
Services Provided: The objective of The Sui Mu Kwan Tang Soo Do Institute, is to provide a quality program for youth who wish to train in the Martial Science/Arts. Our goal is to give each and every person an opportunity to leave the negative influences behind and begin a new journey within the Martial Way. Here you will find an open door, where money has no value. A place that has been established for the community.
The Sui Mu Kwan Tang Soo Do Institute was founded 2010 by Kyo Sa Nim, Mark Anthony Wickline. His vision was to create an International Institution that would ensure that anyone who wanted to train in Martial Science/Arts would not be turned away for financial reasons. There are thousands of youths and young adults throughout the world that would like to take Karate, however their families cannot afford it and are left behind. Some of them will end up in Gangs, on Drugs or become Teenage Parents. We felt an obligation to the community to pitch in and lend a helping hand. The idea is, if they want to learn, we will take them and teach them. For every hour we give them, we ask in return that they volunteer 1 afternoon a month within the community.
Eligibility Requirements: Ages 5 through 18 and if in collage 18 through 23 years of age  
Hours of Operation: Thursdays 5pm to 6pm and Sundays 5pm to 6pm  
Not for Profit: Yes  
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